Melsta Regal Finance was an early stage NBFC providing business finance to small businesses. However, the perception in this sector with the public at large was tainted. Fraud and deceit tarnished the audience sentiment and many companies had gone bust because of bad governance.

The opportunity was huge as the nation was in need of credit and under permeated. There was a rising young clientele who were influenced by branding. The challenge was to first coin a more crisp, direct and sector specific name and then build a strong identity and design language that was distinct and memorable.

One of the key takeaways was that the brand had to be a beacon that breaks out of the industry standards and perceptions. It had to appeal to a wider audience spectrum hence there rose a need to create a unique but simple name and a flexible identity system.

Client: Fintrex’ formerly known as Melsta Regal Finance Ltd – part of portfolio while consulting with Landor Associates   I   Services: Corporate Identity


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