For 25 years the Blackberrys brand stood for innovation and provided Indian men with premium wardrobe solutions.

Retaining the consumer as a loyal fan only comes when one delivers what they seek, what brings excitement among them. The effort was to define a brand that preserved the emotional connection between the customer and the product. A reformed holistic experience was created across all brand touch points that stemmed from in-depth research, competition landscape and a well mapped strategy that translated into the brand’s design. A distinct visual identity, retail store graphics and the digital interface of the brand was crafted. The new Blackberrys man was born.

In today’s world, success is not about what one has achieved but what the next challenge is. It is a constant quest – a journey. Every milestone is a platform to aim for the next opportunity. This philosophy was a starting point and it gave rise to the brand idea – ‘Burning Desire’.

Client: Mohan Clothing Co. Pvt Ltd – part of portfolio while consulting with Landor Associates   I   Services: Brand Identity System.



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